Our TAKO table in the colors of Ivory Coast!

Tako by PSF gives you the opportunity to customize your table tennis table!

Yellow, Orange, Diamond Grey, Blue, Red....

Thanks to TAKO, you will be able to have your own customized table tennis table. You can choose your color and add the logo of your company/club, add your country flag... An innovative way to get a table unlike any other!

The building process of our TAKO tables

As you know, our table tennis tables are 100% made in Ghana and handmade by our local carpenters and sprayers in order to answer one of our goals: using local ressources to develop local economy in Ghana

Today, we introduce you the building process of one of our tables: the orange and green one, built in the colors of Ivory Coast country.

Thanks to the hard work of our local workers, our yellow and green table is now ready to travel to Ivory Coast! What do you think of it?

And you, what colors do you want? Tell us more about your needs!

Click here to have a look at our next step in Maféré, Ivory Coast.

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