We are a corporate social responsibility brand powered by Ping Sans Frontieres (PSF), a french NGO founded in 2006 by Sarah HANFFOU, a table tennis Olympian from Team Cameroon.

PSF's goal is to use table tennis as an educational tool throughout the world and particularly in Africa. The association is active in more than 16 countries around the world.

TAKO was born in order to help local NGO in Ghana. All benefits from the sales of the tables are donated to a Ghanaian NGO to finance free tutoring classes but also training sessions in local schools. 

 What is a social business?

Created and designed to address a social problem : 
Tako was created to promote local consumption rather than imports.
The goal is to be a non-loss, non-dividend company :
As a social business, we produce our tables by ten in order to reduce losses and all benefits are reinvested.
All benefits raised are directly reinvested in a local NGO in Ghana
TAKO contributes to the local economy by using local resources. Tables are built in Takoradi by local carpenters, with wood purchased in Ghana.
The environmental aspect is also highlighted since it is no longer a question of importing tables but of creating short-circuit distribution.



TAKO's goal is to give access to sports and education to as much people as possible. Tako invests in social programs to provide better opportunities for future generations.


We want to have a financial and economic sustainability. We are supported by the Paris 2024 incubator project.


Our Investors get back their investments amount only. No dividend is given beyond investment money.


When investment amount is paid back, company profit stays with the company for expansion and improvement.


Gender sensitive and environmentally conscious : We offer local production and a short distribution circuit to reduce our ecological footprint.


Workforce gets market wage with better working conditions.


We do it with joy !
Buying Tako, will allow us to provide schools with a quality table produced in Ghana and to finance tutoring in the schools participating in the program.

By contributing to the financing of a table, you contribute to the development of the local economy but also to the reduction of the ecological footprint and to the education of children.

Benefits generated by the sales are donated to a social project. 

For 2021- 2024 : the project is EDUDRIVE.
Donate a table
EDUDRIVE is an educational program that uses table tennis as tool to encourage school going among chidren. 

The aim of Edudrive sessions is to use table tennis as an educational tool but also to set up tutoring classes in schools.

Kids are taken through table tennis activities that are full of fun and push them to believe they can do it so far as they try a little harder.

This is then transferred to classroom works and the kids are putting much efforts into their learning.
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