Our project TAKO has first been initiated in Takoradi, Ghana. Our team is composed of Ishmael Armah, head of TAKO Ghana, but also of Issac Amissah, artisan. 

Various tables have already been built in our manufacturing workshops with three blue tables for the NGO Edudrive but also one orange and green table in the colors of Ivory Coast which has been donated to the ivorian table tennis federation. 

All benefits from the sales are reinvested in the ghanaian NFO Edudrive in order to set up tutoring classes and training sessions in local schools. 
Many projects are incoming in this country and the team had the opportunity to speak about it with Mr. Kwaku Drimping, vice-president of the ghanaian table tennis federation.


Our brand TAKO wants to extend its products throughout african territory in order to make the practice of table tennis accessible to everyone. 

Thus, our team went to Maféré, Ivory Coast, and had the opportunity to meet the mayor of the city in order to exchange on a possible building of TAKO tables made in Ivory Coast. 

Our project is supported by the ivorian table tennis federation with whom a partnership is going to appear. TAKO will be able to offer ping-pong tables made in Ivory Coast with all benefits targeted: short-distribution circuit for the tables, tables at low prices and the development of local ressources. 


The implementation of our brand is ongoing in Senegal with the 2026 Youth Olympics Games that will take place in Dakar. 

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